How to Relieve Pain

Pain is a message from your body that something is wrong. Your body needs help! You may have been told when something hurts, “Don’t touch it,” “Leave it alone,” or “Ignore it. It will go away.”

This way of thinking is not good for your health. Your body communicates in many ways. Pain communicates that your help is needed now and guides you to the points that will relieve the pain.

Touch your pain, feel your pain with your hands—not just your mind. Rub and press when it feels good to do so, but stop what you are doing when it does not feel good. Do not aggravate your pain; get in touch with the place and the surrounding tissue. Rub for awhile.

If it does not aggravate the pain, try pressing. If rubbing aggravates the pain, then stop rubbing. Find another painful place nearby.

First, lightly rub the area where it hurts, moving the skin around in circles or gently pressing and stroking. Then massage the area to feel the tissue.

Look for tissue changes and all tender spots. Finally, feel for the most painful points. Take your time, especially if the tissue feels hard and congested or if the pain is too intense.

Make big circles to increase the circulation while you feel for other tender points. If it is tender, massage at that level of pressure. You may find lumps or bumps. Often you will feel painful rope-like muscles. It is common to find surprisingly painful places previously unknown to you.

After surveying the area, find the most painful point. Then press and hold it without moving. Relax and get comfortable. It may take time for your finger pressure to make a change.

Hold the point and remain still until the pain changes. If it gets worse, reduce the pressure. If the pain gets better, keep holding while sensing the other changes.

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