The Energy Method

Read here to learn the Chinese theory and practice of moving energy called Qi. To experience the energy click the “Feel the Energy” tab.

The Theory of Qi Energy

Pain is blocked energy called injured Qi, whereas the feeling of energy flowing in the body is called “Got Qi” (DEQI sounds like “duh <--Read More-->

Natural Healing

I am reviewing my interviews and teaching videos taken over the last thirty years.

Here are two interviews, one old and one new.

The earliest video, an interview by Rosemary Broccoli in 1986.

Michael Turk answers Rosemary Broccoli’s first <--

Formula for Failure

Published in the California Journal of Oriental Medicine, Fall 2004
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) relieve pain most effectively the first time they are taken, however, when taken daily they lose their effectiveness. Increasing the dosage or changing to stronger pain pills may bring temporary <--Read More-->

Pain’s Healing Secret

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