Feel the Energy

Many people have heard about acupuncture and acupressure for pain relief but few have heard about deqi the important signal that the therapy will relieve the pain, and fewer people have actually felt the healing feeling called deqi (literally “feel the Qi”).

I have developed a powerful method to stimulate the feeling of Qi <--Read More-->

The Energy Method

Read here to learn the Chinese theory and practice of moving energy called Qi. To experience the energy click the “Feel the Energy” tab.

The Theory of Qi Energy

Pain is blocked energy called injured Qi, whereas the feeling of energy flowing in the body is called “Got Qi” (DEQI sounds like “duh <--Read More-->

How to Relieve Pain

Pain is a message from your body that something is wrong. Your body needs help! You may have been told when something hurts, “Don’t touch it,” “Leave it alone,” or “Ignore it. It will go away.”

This way of thinking is not good for your health. Your body communicates in many ways. Pain communicates <--Read More-->

A Student Feels the Qi

A student in a moxibustion for practitioners class explains the sensation she experiences during a 14 minute treatment for her shoulder pain.

The ancient classics state feeling a qi sensation is <--Read More-->

A Book Is Born

I’ve been busy since my last post March 4th. Had a lot to learn about publishing on Amazon’ Kindle, more about that later, but I did it with a little help from my friends. So, I am proud to announce my new ebook Moxibustion for Pain Relief, which introduces <--Read More-->

Learning Chinese Medicine

Back to school last weekend in San Francisco to study the ancient Chinese medical writings with internationally renowned <--Read More-->

Natural Healing

I am reviewing my interviews and teaching videos taken over the last thirty years.

Here are two interviews, one old and one new.

The earliest video, an interview by Rosemary Broccoli in 1986.

Michael Turk answers Rosemary Broccoli’s first <--

Feel Your Qi and Relieve Pain

Published in the Lotus Guide. Chico, CA. January 2012

Today qi is commonly referred to as energy, yet qi is a mystery to modern science. In Chinese philosophy, qi is a subtle substance that pervades space; in Chinese medicine, qi is a physical sensation described as the feeling of something strange moving in the body experienced <--Read More-->

Acumoxa for Pain Relief

Published in the Lotus Guide. Chico, CA. July 2011

Acumoxa Treatments: Pain Relief Without Needles

Acumoxa quickly reduces chronic pain by soothing acupuncture points with heat, rather than <--Read More-->

An Ancient Healing Recipe

Printed in the Lotus Guide. Chico, CA. July 2010

When the young woman walked into my acupuncture office, I knew something was wrong. Her complexion was as pale as impending death, her walk was slow and deliberate, and when she sat down she lowered <--Read More-->

Pain’s Healing Secret

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